January 13, 2011

Christmas Photos with Santa

Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 2010
We have a tradition of doing Santa Photos each year!  2010 being the most recent!  We do individual pictures of each child with Santa until they are 13 years old, but they all do a group shot, no matter the age.  So when they were younger, people weren't so excited that they were behind us in line.  The way I figure it is, each child in line wants and earns time with Santa right?  And we are fast as a group posing for the family photo!  You have to at least read about 1992! See below!
Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 1989
This was the first photo, the sad thing is, Kaitlin was born on December 23 and forever we will regret not getting a day old picture with her!  Shoot what were we thinking!  So we missed 1988!
Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 1990

First picture with Joslin and Kaitlin together.  Velvet Christmas dresses.
Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 1991

I made these two matching green corduroy dresses, Joslin's was made without a pattern! 
Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 1992

This is the absolute best photo ever.  The story goes...Poor Santa at Nordstrom.  They took a picture of each child alone with Santa first, then gave Santa all 3 babies at once.  The babies began to cry and flail their arms the way newer babies do.  Their little hands were getting caught in his beard.  Joslin kept standing up in front of Santa.  He finally got irritated and said "sit down" in a firm tone and grabbed her between his knees and held her.  Look at his eyes and his crooked glasses.  Only wish I had it on video!
Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 1993

This year the triplets still weren't sold on this Santa thing.  Lauren is in the middle and particularly not happy.  Their dresses I bought and then applied Christmas appliques on them and the good ole' fabric glitter glue around the edges.
Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 1994

This year I made all their little plaid jumpers out of a Christmas flannel, with a large matching floppy hat.
Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 1995
This year we took our pictures in downtown Seattle where dad worked.  Big mistake!  We were in line to take pictures at the Bon Marche for 2 hours with all these little kids.  We had the huge triplet stroller and were weaving back and forth in this roped off line to get up to Santa.  This was the time that there was a man behind us that got annoyed that we were taking individual pictures, shoot after waiting in line that long they each deserved time with Santa!  I made their dresses from black velvet and had purchased the fancy lace for these dresses, only problem after a few times wearing them at that age, the lace got stepped on and ripped.   
Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 1996
We went to Seattle again for this photo, but not the Bon.  The girls dresses were made from coordinating fabrics, for instance the triplets all had the same upper part of their dress but each skirt was different.  Then they all had scrunchies made out of the fabric.  There were 3 colors of turtlenecks.

Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 1997

Seven girls now!  I made all the bottom part of the dresses from the same fabric and found seven colors of solid "Fall" colors for the tops.  I covered buttons, for the front of the top, in the skirt fabric.  Sponge curled their hair and placed coordinating headbands.
Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 1998
This year, pajamas, no sewing involved!  They all wore them to the mall (Alderwood mall, center court) bringing their favorite stuffed bear!  Our first little boy joined the group.  This was our last Santa photo in Washington.  Still doing individual pictures of each child and then a group shot!  

Stay tune for more...Heck we are only at 1998!

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  1. oh MAN i love this post. love the old pictures. and your sewing skills. love this.