December 10, 2010

Christmas Idea "Luke II" Video with "Breath of Heaven"

Each year we watch the VHS video "Luke II", that you can get free from the LDS missionaries.  (You can get the DVD "The Nativity" and that works too.) The Luke II Video and "The Nativity"  were produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church). We then take the CD of Amy Grant, "Home for Christmas" using the song "Breath of Heaven" while playing the video "Luke II" and you have the best Christmas lesson ever!  We have been doing this for at least 12 years!  We have done it in Young Women's, Seminary, FHE and every year for Christmas Eve.  You have to wait until the first scene before you begin the music, when you see the green grassy hills then start the music!  It fits PERFECTLY with the video.  You mute the video so you only hear the CD playing the song.  It is very touching.  So now you can get this on You Tube.  I listened to a few and this one done by mormon102 is the best that I saw, as far as the two going together perfectly.  Enjoy!

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