December 7, 2010

Christmas Music

Christmas Music is an important part of Christmas for me.  Some of the songs that are listened to and loved by our family year after year, are ones that others might not be familiar with.  Listen to these and I hope you will fall in love with them like we have.

Gotta listen to this song over and over.  I discovered this on the local Seattle T.V. show "Northwest in the Afternoon" back in 1993.  Carnie and Wendy Wilson were on and sang this song.  I had to get a copy.  The babysitters..."the Farrars", would play this song and when the girls were little, the triplets, Kaitlin and Joslin for some reason would run around in circles singing this song?  It has been a yearly favorite and really is part of our family Christmas..."Hey Santa!" 


We buy the Christmas in the Northwest CD's often.  They come out yearly and have great music from an variety of artists benefiting Children's Hospital.  Our favorite is number 9 .  A great song that also is a song we play over and over, from cd number 9, is: "How Many Angels" by Catherine Hessler


"Christmas in the Northwest" by Brenda White is another song that is a song we have loved since we moved from Seattle (the great northwest) 11 years ago, to Idaho.  This is a video someone made using the song, but the music quality is good.  I can't find an original of the song.


Christmas songs, they are the best!  We also love the Northwest Boys Choir...

What are some of your favorites?


  1. too many favorites to choose... Hymns:Silent Night. Just for fun:Baby It's Cold Outside by Barry Manilow. Pretty:Baby, What You Goin' To Be? by Donny Osmond. A capella:White Christmas by Voice Male. Soul:I Love the Lord by Whitney Houston. Funny:12 Pains of Christmas

    Favorite Jingle Bells:Barbra Streisand. Silent Night: Boyz II Men. Breath of Heaven:Amy Grant. Snowfall:Manhattan Transfer. Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas:Carpenters

    Like I said, too many to choose a favorite. I could go on and on.

  2. Maria: I listened to them all! We love "Baby It's Cold Outside" by James Taylor! "How about Mary Did you Know" by Donny Osmond. We use "Breath of Heaven" by Amy Grant, with the video/DVD of the Luke II video every year! Gotta love Christmas music!