November 23, 2010

Halloween Costume Costume 2010 - Any guesses?

Halloween Costume 2010 - Farmers
We had never been Farmer's before...Ha!  Since it is our last name it seemed like it needed to be done!  The kids weren't as thrilled with the idea, except Kade who wore cowboy boots for the first time in his life and thought he was pretty cool, his older sisters did not agree!  We got the overalls, boots, kerchiefs and hats at a costume rental store.  When getting the pictures taken at Walmart (a yearly tradition), Rick borrowed the scarecrow display and pitchfork from the store!  Rick said this is the first time coming to get pictures where he wasn't embarrassed from people staring at him as he looked like a typical Walmart customer in this outfit!  We went to the LDS church Trunk or Treat for our Halloween fun.  At the kids classroom parties I introduced my self as Mrs. Farmer, motioning to my outfit and then said "this is Claire Farmer" and "We" are the "FARMER'S" ha!  The kids had Halloween parties on Friday, Trunk or Treat on Saturday...that was our celebration this year!


  1. about TIME you tell us what you were!! haha that's pretty funny the kids' faces that's for sure.