January 18, 2011

Oh, You Better Watch Out....More Santa Photo's

Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 1999
The above photo is the first taken in Idaho.  We moved here the second week in December.  I bought the matching dresses from Gymboree, with the little baby boy coordinating outfit.  We wore these to church often as we lived out of suitcases for the first few months in Idaho, until we figured out where we were going to live permanently.  I had purchased a bunch of cute gingham red fabric in Seattle, to one day make Christmas jumpers...I still have the fabric :).  I left my sewing days in Seattle.  Recently my sister in law Carol was here sewing her teenage daughters some cute skirts and purses.  My daughter Hannah, asked me why I don't sew like that....I thought quickly, I will just let her go on thinking I don't sew...  :) and so replied, "I don't know?"  She doesn't remember the days of matching homemade Christmas and Easter outfits...sigh...
Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 2000
These yellow dresses were ordered online.  All children still taking individual photos with Santa and then the group photo also. 
Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 2001
This was the year of messy buns, the casual look with the clothing...reds and jeans.  Claire was added to the photo.
Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 2002
We tried a Santa closer to where we lived.  The other Santa was in Boise, an hour away.  This Santa was in Nampa a half an hour away.  Little Kade was induced on December 17th, we stayed in the hospital a couple extra days.  While in the hospital I painted teacher gifts, in my hospital bed.  We were home on the 20th and took the picture on the 21st.  Matching velvet dresses from Old Navy for all the girls, with a cute matching boys Christmas outfits from Gymboree.
Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 2003
Matching shirts again from Gymboree.  I think 8 were taking the individual photos at this time. 
Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 2004
Plain white shirts...
Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 2005
We went back to Boise (the Santa was a little cuter!)
Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 2006
Now we started dropping in numbers of individual pictures, only 5 this year!
Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 2007
Kaitlin met us at the mall, coming home from BYU in Provo!  Just in time for the Santa Photo! 
Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 2008
Kaitlin met us literally while we were in line.  We let people go ahead of us as she wasn't quite there when it was our turn!  She had to change into her shirt also! 
Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 2009
Kaitlin and Joslin home from BYU.
Farmer's Dozen - Santa Photo 2010
Only 2 did individual photos this year, Kade and Claire!  So sad...at least we still have 10 in the group shot!  Kaitlin and Joslin home from BYU! 

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