October 24, 2010

Triplets and Hannah to State

Farmer's Dozen - State Champions 2008
The triplets have played soccer since they were probably 6 or 7 years old.  They have played together on rec teams, competitive teams and then together in high school.  9th and 10th grade they played with their older sister Joslin and the past two years they played with their younger sister Hannah.  They were starters this year, as was Hannah.  Lauren was a forward, Jami on defense and Hannah and Karli were halfbacks, with Karli in the middle.  They have all had opportunities to score and Lauren was the leading scorer on the team this year (most total goals scored this season).  They were District Champions and went to State this past weekend.  The past 3 years they have been in the State Championship game, with one year resulting in being the State Champions.  They were on the team that was the first State Champions of any woman's sport at their high school, ever.  This year they were hoping for the same result...and were pretty confident that this result would happen...Here is an article on them...


The following was an article in the local paper where the tournament was played, down in southern Idaho.  Hannah was in the picture!


This is another local article where the girls are quoted on Senior Night:


This year at State, they played Snake River which had 4 exchange students from Germany, Spain, Russia and the Netherlands.  This resulted in a good team...Number one from Germany scored right off and then they packed their defense at the goal the rest of the game.  We couldn't get a shot in and we lost, 1 to 0.  Very sad!  We played Filar the next day and beat them 7 to 0, easy win.  Lauren scored 3, Jami (plays defense :) ) scored 1, and Hannah scored 1.  Karli got hurt the first half which resulted in the last game of her career!  It looks like she tore her ACL, without an MRI, that is what the doctor is thinking.  The next day we played Community School, this game was in the rain and freezing...we ended the game tied 2 to 2, even with the refs seeming to be totally against our team.  Ended the 1st and then the 2nd over time both in a tie, then went into shooting penalties which resulted in us kicking 3 out and 1 directly to the goalie....they on the other-hand got 2 in and won the game.  Thus ending the soccer career for the Farmer triplets....They hopefully will do inter-murals in college.  

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures...
Farmer's Dozen - State Champions October 2008
The year they were State Champions: Karli, Jami, Emily Elliott, Lauren and Joslin! October 2008

Farmer's Dozen - Jami yellow card
The first year at State for the triplets, as freshman.  Favorite picture ever.  Jami is number 25 and just got a yellow card :).  She is marching off the field, head held high and arms swinging.  The girl to the left had previously sort of picked up Jami and swung her around, with no call made, so Jami retaliated running backwards into the girl with her elbows aimed at her....in front of the ref.  The ref's expression is a crack up, pointing, with his head lowered, as if saying: "you know better than that, go sit in timeout :)".  The girl in red, hand on chest as if saying: "I didn't do anything, what? I don't know why she did that to innocent me."  Dad the assistant coach is on the sidelines with his head tilted, as if saying, "Jami?"...Coach Frank is scouring the sidelines wondering who to put in... Very fun picture!

Farmer's Dozen - Kicking the Pants off Shelley!
This is also a favorite, the Championship year!  Karli passed a sweet pass to Lauren on the opposite side of the goal and Lauren took the shot.  I love it as the mom, seeing their expressions as they run toward each other with their arms outstretched!  Karli was the only player on the team to score at every game at State that year.  The humorous part of the picture is the Shelly player with her pants down???  

I am sad the triplets are done playing soccer, I am glad that we have Hannah and Emma to look forward to next year....but since birth, every new stage with these girls hits me hard, since there are 3 of them!  We have enjoyed watching them play for many years.


  1. soo sad that they are leaving. but yay they are coming to us!

    and how awesome are they for going to state everyy yearr.

  2. WOW! I Love this! I hope Karli os ok... hope it heals well. So Exciting though.... what wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing! :o)

  3. where did that picture come from with me, the trips and emily? so cute. good post. move to Utah and you will see us every day. :)