October 25, 2010

M&M Halloween Costume

Farmer's Dozen - Halloween Costume 1996
This week I will show all the Halloween Costumes we have done throughout the years.  All the themes we have used as a large family.  The sad part is we never "all" were dressed up because either the younger kids weren't born yet, or the older kids didn't want to participate as the younger ones were born and participating!
1996 was first year as a family that we had a theme going on, little did I realize that this would begin a tradition that at times was a hard tradition to maintain.  Even the community would begin questioning us about what we were going to be.  This year Rick was a plain M&M bag and I was a peanut M&M bag, we used the 6 standard colors for the M&M's.  We all wore white long sleeve shirts and white leggings with white gloves.  I used real M&M bags for a pattern and enlarged them on a copy machine.  The M&M costumes were square fabric that I gathered at the top and bottom and slits for the arms.  The bags were large rectangles.  The m's were traced on white fabric with wonder under and ironed on.  

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