October 26, 2010

Halloween Costume #2 - Snow White and the & Dwarfs

Farmer's Dozen - Halloween Costume 1998
This year, October 1998, Alek was born on October 1, our first boy.  The theme had to be around that important event, after having 7 girls in a row!  So I was Snow White, Alek was Prince Charming and Rick was the wicked queen, disguised as the witch.  I made the costumes AFTER the baby was born :)  Mine was purchased.  The kids beards were purchased and the wicked witch's cape was purchased.  The mining picks were made from thick foam board and then the pick end was covered with foil.  The outfits were a large rectangle with a slit in the center for their head.  The black felt belt held the outfits on.  The buckle was made from cardboard wrapped in gold foil as were the round buttons which were glued on the outfits.  The hats I sewed and made them like a night cap...Dopey had a bald cap and large plastic ears.  The witches tooth was blackened out and a basket with a plastic apple added as a prop.  I sprayed my hair black and had a red bow in it.  The prince's outfit was a royal blue rectangle with a slit for the head and a little felt cape.  The hat I sewed and added a feather on the side.  KOMO TV news, in Seattle, followed us around trick or treating.  


  1. Your costumes are always great!!!! I love seeing some of your past themes!

  2. loving this by the way.
    and pretty embarassing hah.

  3. of course i was doppy. (doepy?) still offended about that. haha oh gosh i hope no one is seeing these picturesss.

  4. But Joslin you were the only one willing to be Dopey! You and your happy go lucky attitude :) You were the best dopey ever :) Pretty sure since I am tweeting it, facebooking it, Google buzz...everyone possible is seeing it...oh and emailing my modbe customer list (just kidding).