October 6, 2010

Can You Ever Have Too Many Hair Accessories?

Farmer's Dozen - hair bows
I have 8 girls.  With 8 girls comes the need for hair accessories of every variety.  It all began with gluing little ribbon bows on new born babies heads, with Elmer's glue.  This turned into headbands they would constantly take off as toddlers, but I relentlessly put them back on their little heads..Must wear a bow, must wear a bow!  Now it is such that all ages of girls wear hair accessories, from hats to large flowers, to bobby pins and headbands.  I have collected quite a few items through the years.  I have found a great way to store them.  This idea I got from my friend Suzanne Watson, about 15 years ago.  She has 3 girls.  Buy an over the door clear plastic (cheap) shoe holder with several pockets.  Example:

You then organize the hair accessories by similarities.  I have bobby pins in one pocket (even bobby pins with something small attached to it, like a jewel.)  There is a pocket containing heavy duty (ouchless) hairbands.  A tiny "plastic hair bands" pocket, a claw pocket, thin head bands, a small bow section, etc...
Farmers Dozen - Hair pockets
After all of this was organized, I still had all these pretty flowers that I didn't want to get squished into the pockets...

Farmers Dozen - Flower Clips
From each of the metal clips that hang over the door and hold the pocket holder, I hung some cute fabric belts. 
Farmers Dozen - Belt to hang bows from
I then took the cute flower bows and clipped them on the belts.  This way they stay nice and fluffy, are easily accessible and don't take up shelf space.
Farmers Dozen - Hair Pockets
This organizer is hung on the inside of the mudroom bathroom door.  To organize the hair station in the bathroom, I use baskets in an shelf area with no doors on it.  This is in the mudroom bathroom, right off the kitchen.  I have hairspray, water spray, comb and brush easily accessible. 

Farmers Dozen - Basket of Hair Items
Below is a picture of 3 baskets, taken from above looking down at the top of the basket, one has a variety of soft head bands, one holds a bunch of ribbon and the other is all the hard headbands all stacked in rows so as to see each of them. 
Farmers Dozen - Baskets of Hair Accessories
The picture below shows the shelves containing these baskets.  The large basket on the right contains hair pieces that I sometimes use to add more "hair" to pony tails.  The books on top of that basket are hair ideas from the Internet, I print them off and put them in clear page protectors as I see cute ideas, along with a book I purchased about hair styles.
Farmers Dozen - Hair accessories on shelves
The shoe organizers are also a great way to organize items in a bathroom without a lot of drawers or storage space.  We put contact solution, nail polish, fingernail clippers, tweezers etc. in them just to have them readily accessible and not taking up limited drawer space.

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