September 27, 2010

Triplets and More...

Farmer's Dozen - Our Triplet Girls 7/92

After having twins or triplets, and having them as a result of fertility treatments, the question of having another baby may seem overwhelming.  Considering having another baby following the birth of multiples is a big decision.  

For me, I had 2 single births; both of these pregnancies were after taking the fertility drug Clomid.  Each time that I got pregnant, it was on the cycle that I doubled the amount of Clomid to 100mg.  The third pregnancy resulted in triplets, making 5 girls under the age of 3 ½.  Going from not thinking we would be able to have children, to having 5 children, was an inexplicable joy in our lives.  But were we done having children?

After having multiples, a pregnancy, whether planned or unforeseen, is possible!  Many families with triplets or more choose not to have another child after their multiple birth.  Perhaps if there is a pregnancy, it may be unplanned because of the thought that the pregnancy without medical intervention would be impossible.  Or it might be a planned pregnancy possibly having to use fertility treatments to conceive again.

The timing of the pregnancy and the age of the multiples might be a consideration.  Being pregnant while at the same time that you could be potty-training 3 or more toddlers might seem too difficult, but you may not be able to completely control the timing of your pregnancy.  

Be as sure as you can be about your decision of whether to try for another baby or not.  Some might feel the pressure of family or friends to have one more (or the pressure from family and friends to not have more) or perhaps you want to have a single birth after experiencing a multiple birth.  You may decide to use fertility treatments to have a subsequent pregnancy, while others may want another pregnancy, but do not want to use fertility treatments.  For me I had 2 single births, both using fertility treatments, then triplets.  I tried for a while to get pregnant on my own after having triplets and then tried Clomid again.  This was a huge decision knowing that I might be at risk to have triplets again!  
Farmer's Dozen - 2 Big Sisters, Triplets and baby
There are many things to consider when thinking about having another baby after multiples: Could it be another high risk pregnancy?   Will you have to go through fertility treatments again?  Is there a risk of multiples again?  How long will you try again to have another child?  Will your ages be a concern as parents?  Do you have support from family?  Should you wait a certain amount of time between the multiple birth and the subsequent birth?  Are there risks or complications possible?  Would a VBAC (Vaginal Birth after a Cesarean Section) be considered? 

Whether or not the pregnancy, after having multiples, was planned or not planned may result in how you feel about the pregnancy.  Many families that experienced the difficulties of infertility and were told that they could not get pregnant on their own.  It may have taken years to get finally get pregnant they then find out that they are pregnant without intentionally wanting to be.  Some may feel somewhat confused with the pregnancy, since it was not planned. 

In our case we did feel we wanted to try again to have another baby.  This resulted in the birth of another little girl, they are 33 months apart.  We ended up having 5 subsequent births for a total of 10 children, 14 and under, and I wouldn’t change it for the world!  Having another baby after triplets was a great choice for us!

Farmer's Dozen - Picture by Randi Davies

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