October 30, 2010

Halloween Costume #7 & #8 - Star Wars & Super Heros

Farmer's Dozen - Halloween Costume #8
I am missing year #7 which was Star Wars, October 2004...I will post it at a later date...I am pretty proud of the costume I made of Queen Padme' Amidala that looked similar to this:

Farmer's Dozen - Padme' Amidala
Year #8 we were Super Hero's, October 2006.  The characters were Supergirl, Robin, Spiderman, Batgirl, Batman and Rick was Clark Kent turning into Superman (the costume size was a youth), so he had a dress shirt splitting open in the front and black dress pants, his Clark Kent glasses and spiked hair.  Superwoman (me), I spray painted my hair black and had the Superwoman crown on along with the silver wrist bands and silver boots.  All the costumes were purchased this year....

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