April 21, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day in Fruitland looked like this.  Claire's hair turned into a green shamrock.
I made three of the hearts that I had done in her hair for Valentines Day and joined them in the center to make a Shamrock.  I imagined it in my head the night before!  You begin with 3 tucks in the front three sections of the head.  Tucking from the bottom going up.  Tie a green ribbon around the hair band.  Divide the hair at the hair band into two and twist each side including the ribbon and then join the two sides in a hair band.  Repeat 3 times and join all 3 ends together, tie loose ribbons together.  Join rest of hair with a hair band into a pony tail
View from back.
View from side.  Along with green earing and green necklaces.
This little guy was a leprechaun.  We must dress in school uniforms and green is not one of the colors.  So he accented his "white collared shirt" with a sparkle green bow tie.
Goofy face...He said the day before "St. Patrick's Day is my favorite holiday"  Really?  I mean Christmas?  Halloween?  He seemed to be excited about the "pinching"...he is ALL boy.
The morning began with a green table with green and gold little candies and green gum.
This cute tag came from this cute site http://stpatricksday.tipjunkie.com.   The bag has a foiled shamrock in it also.
Placed at the bottom of the cup is a tiny drop of green food coloring.
Down the center of the table are gold covered chocolate coins and shiny shamrocks.
For breakfast the pancake batter was green.  I usually use green m&m's  in the pancakes, but I forgot this year.
The cool whip mysteriously turned green.
The pancakes looked yummy with green sugar on top.
It is magic, the milk turned from white to green.
Got green milk?
Front view of Claire.  Black uniform shirt, green neclaces and green shamrock stickers with sparkly gems in the center placed on her.
 I left out of town before dinner, but left dinner for when the masses were ready to eat.  For dinner the pasta was dyed green.
Green pasta and green salad?
In the center of the table was a wrapped treat with a little note on it.
There was cool-whip or icecream to place on top, both had mysteriously been dyed green.
Brownies were the treat.  Baked in the brownies were coins wrapped in foil.
See the coin off to the right?  Brownie with green cool-whip...
Brownie with green ice-cream...

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