March 4, 2011

Valentine's Day

I already did a post on what we do for Valentine's Day so I thought I would share some pictures from this year.  The above picture is Claire's hair this year for Valentines Day!
Claire's Love Pox "Watch out they are contagious."  There are stickers on her forehead, cheeks and two stickers on her glasses also.  Little hearts were painted on Claire's fingernails.
This year instead of little red dye drops, we had Strawberry Quick in each cup.
Turned the milk pink and yummy.  
The table...each child had a gift beside their plate...There are sales everywhere the beginning of February.  Cute shirts for $3.00 at Rue 21!  Walmart clearance for the little kids...Perfect...Claire and Kade had valentine parties at school that we attended.  Fun filled Valentine's Day.  

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