February 4, 2011

National College Signing Day & Farmer Basketball Season

Farmers Dozen - National College Signing Day

These two participated in the National College Signing Day.  Lauren and Jami signed to play soccer for Treasure Valley Community College next year.  Exciting!  The article can be found at:

Each Saturday in January, we have had at least 6 basketball games to attend and sometimes 7 in one day....along with fitting in other things like birthday parties, boys high-school games to attend for fun?, a baptism, a youth sledding activity.  Games beginning at 8:00 a.m. (be there at 7:30) home at 10:00 p.m.  We all attend as much as schedules permit since we believe what better cheerleaders are there than your family!  The games are all over the place, 45 minutes away in each direction.  What better activity to spend doing on a Saturday?  

These are the Saturday game players...
Alek is playing on a select league and improving his basketball skills.
This little girl, Claire, is playing on the local Parks and Recreation team.  She is point guard and is turning into quite the aggressive player.  
Miss Hannah is playing high school JV basketball and has been having Saturday games as well as Tuesday and Thursday games.  She also is point guard and is good on defense and shoots quite a bit.  She often pulls out of the crowd with the ball grabbing the rebound, even though she may be the shortest player there.  Her team just won districts on Wednesday!  Go Grizz. 
Miss Emma is on a select team also and also is quite the defensive player.  She scores a bunch of baskets each game, even making a 3 point shot!

Of course playing on these teams means LOTS of practices, Hannah daily, Emma, Alek and Claire 2 or 3 practices each!  Yikes, if only they all had practice at the same time.  

Basketball season, gotta love it.  

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