January 21, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair...hairstyle #1

Farmer's Dozen - Hairstyle #1
I love doing hair.  I once wanted to be a beautician and cut hair.  When at college (not for cosmetology), I made posters and passed them out, advertising and offering cheap haircuts.  I confess I mostly advertised at the boys dorms.  But hey, it was a way to earn money and meet boys?  As a mother, I have been blessed with 8 girls "heads of hair" to play with.  I am down to one however that will let me and I am keeping her hair long, for as long as I can!  I do the boys hair daily too, but not much to do there!  I will create some posts on hairstyles that I have tried on Claire.  I got most of my ideas here:
once you go there you will be hooked.  She has SO many ideas and she has videos to show the basics. 
Farmer's Dozen - Hairstyle #1 left side
The children are required to wear school uniforms.  The school colors are orange, black, white and grey.  Halloween colors!  So we focus on the hair and add color and pizazz there when we can.
Farmer's Dozen - Hairstyle #1 right side
Here is the right side and what it looks like.
Farmer's Dozen - Hairstyle #1 back
Slowly going around the head, showing the back.
Farmer's Dozen - Hairstyle #1 left side
This is the left side, ending with a messy bun and a bow.
Farmer's Dozen - Hairstyle #1 front
This shows the left side and the front.
Farmer's Dozen - Hairstyle #1 top
Ending with a top view and some twists.  I love doing twists.  They are easy and I like the way they look.  Try it!


  1. Had a friend share your blog and it's fun! Your story about hair though sounded lots like mine! I always wanted to do cosmetology but swore I would be my bachelors first then do beauty school....well by the time I graduated the cost increased so much there was no way! so I"m so thankful for my 2 almost 3 girls hair to do! But all the time inbetween I spent begging anybody (including my 5 brothers and 2 sister) to do their hair! You have a darling family...so super fun! I have an aunt with 8 girls and 1 boy so seeing your beautiful family reminds me of them! Have fun with it!

  2. Thanks! I use to have many heads of hair to work with...now only one left that lets me play with her hair!