January 25, 2011

The Farmer's Magnificant Journey to Washington - ALMOST!

Farmers Dozen - Road Trip
July 1, 2006 we were on our way to Vancouver Washington, for a baby blessing at the Chatman's home.  Outside of La Grande Oregon, our 15 passenger van broke down.
Farmers Dozen - Road Trip Colage
The above colage was made by Kaitlin, documenting the trip.
Farmers Dozen - The hot van
We were riding with the heater on, as the van began to over heat.  Just a little hot in July.  The bright smiling face in the back, is our friend Mary, whom we were taking home to her family in Washington. 
Farmers Dozen - Side of the road
We broke down and called a tow truck, which we waited for on the side of the road.
Farmers Dozen - The gang
All of us had to get out of the car so it could be towed.
Farmers Dozen - Getting ready to be towed
The van is so big they had to pull it up on a flat bed.
Farmers Dozen - Thumbs up
We are excited!  (Kaitlin is taking the picture and dad is talking to the driver.)
Farmers Dozen - It's a convoy
We then were divided between 3 vehicles, since there were 13 of us, paying for each truck as if we were being towed by 3 tow trucks.  The van lead the way, followed by 2 more trucks.
Farmers Dozen - La Grande
We were towed back to the city of La Grande.  This was on a Saturday, with Monday being the 3rd of July.  Getting the parts we needed became problematic with the 4th of July and with La Grande being a small town.  We ended up having it towed back to Fruitland later that week.

Farmers Dozen - Chinese Restaurant
We spent 3 hours at a Chinese Restaurant while waiting for the diagnosis and plan of action.
We might have been a little bored?

Farmers Dozen - The Two Vans
We then had to rent to 2 vans to drive back home and then had to return them back to La Grande!  It was a mess.  La Grande is about 3 hours away.
Farmers Dozen - Shoes
A side note to this little adventure was the fact that most people wore shoes with the knowledge that they were on a road trip.
Farmers Dozen - Claire
This little girl chose to get in the car without shoes.  Now as a mom, I constantly say "If you are in the car you should have shoes on".  That isn't unreasonable is it?  When you are in the car this means you are going somewhere, whether it is a block a way or a trip 3 states a way.  This was not exciting news to me, being that we had to use public bathrooms, which I myself try to avoid at all costs...but barefoot??? blah...
Farmers Dozen - Road Trip
Notice, no shoes...Needless to say we did not make it to the blessing...
Farmers Dozen - Kaitlin
This was our photographer!

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