September 20, 2010

Here a Sock, There a Sock, Everywhere a Sock Sock...Old MacDonald Had a Farm Laundry
I did the laundry this morning, as I do every morning except Sundays and sometimes busy Saturdays.  I still run loads on those days, but don't fold the clothes or put them a way. 

We are in soccer season. 

How many soccer socks do you thing there were in the laundry this Monday morning?... Dark Soccer Socks

Wait, I forgot there was a load of whites in the dryer that I did not have in the first count.... White Soccer Socks

Now how many total?

36 soccer socks (that all had to be turned right side out)
Pretty sure all 36 have holes in socks are expensive!

8 children at home, 8 in soccer, lots of soccer games!

To carry on the Facebook conversation...

Here is the picture I posted on Facebook after a soccer game of the high school soccer girls.  The triplets, Jami (1), Karli (2), and Lauren (3) and younger sister Hannah (5).  They all have the opportunity to start on varsity, which is so fun!  They have each scored goals this season also, even Jami who is on defense! Farmer Soccer Girls 2010

People have asked where #4 is?  To which I had to reply with this: Joslin "Hello! Remember Me?
 #4 is older sister Joslin.
Doesn't she look like she is saying: "Hellooo, Remember me, I am #4?  Okay, she WAS  #4 she is in college now. 

She was on the team with the triplets though, 2 years ago when the team went to State and WON!  They were the first girls sport at FHS to win a State title and still hold that record!

Then Mary brought to my attention that she was #4 Triplets with #4 Mary
Oh yes, how could I forget sweet Mary was #4 for many years in soccer and basketball, with the triplets being numbers 1, 2 and 3.  Mary would still be #4 if she hadn't moved away!  We love Mary!

So there you have it, the mystery of who is #4.


  1. OH man I love these girls so muchhh! And good job on posting something on your blog! I decided that until it's easier to upload photos (when we don't have dialup anymore) I will post more on mine. Until then... I'll keep reading yours! p.s. That picture of Jos is my FAVorite.

  2. loveee your blogs.
    you're a natural!

  3. cute post. that picture of joslin made me laugh. allll those socks!

  4. Good job Laurie, I should follow your example and update my dang blog. Love you, can't wait to see you in 2 months!